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Dr. Rosenshein on Cancer Screenings

Gynecologic Oncologist Neil Rosenshein, M.D., discusses the importance of early cancer detection and life-saving screenings.

Mercy Partners with BWC to Help Cancer Patients

The BWC Foundation provides services and donations to help women and families who have been affected by gynecologic cancer.

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The Collaboratie Experience: A Testimonial

Through top-rated clinical skill and compassionate care, Dr. Neil Rosenshein, renowned gynecologic surgeon at Mercy, empowered Lauren to move forward with her life and offer support to fellow patients. “I just like helping people — that sounds like a cliché, but it’s true. Some of the women I’ve connected with through Mercy are now lifelong friends,” Lauren said.

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Margaret, an avid traveler and retiree, sought treatment from Dr. Hyung Ryu, gynecologic oncologist at Mercy, for a large cancerous mass. With close, attentive care, Dr. Ryu developed a personalized treatment plan so that Margaret could continue to pursue her passion and travel the world.

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Dr. Dwight Im, used break-through robotic surgery to treat Irene’s cervical cancer. Dr. Im tailored her treatment plan to fit this busy working professional’s lifestyle. “Dr. Im and his team are everything you would want when facing a cancer diagnosis. My experience at Mercy could not have been better,” Irene said.

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“The fact that Dr. Ryu recognized that there was something odd about my diagnosis saved my life,” said Mindy. Through dedication to research, premier diagnostic testing, and personal care, Dr. Ryu, a high-quality gynecologic surgeon at Mercy, revealed a patient’s rare medical condition before it could claim her life.

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Dr. Dwight Im, gynecologic oncologist at Mercy, offers hope to a devoted mother and military wife suffering from severe endometriosis. Mary Jo said she is most grateful to Dr. Im for giving her the chance to “be a wife and mother again.”

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Dr. Neil Rosenshein, among the nation’s best surgeons in gynecologic oncology, cared for a fellow medical professional with excellence and compassion showing her that there is hope after a cancer diagnosis. “When I first learned about my cancer, I thought this was it for me, but Dr. Rosenshein comforted me and said, ‘You’re going to be around a long time.’”

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